Sound Design / Art

Over the years we have worked with numerous playwrights, actors, comedians, performance artists, circus troupes and more.

  • 2011/12 – Playwright Bridget Mackey and Honeycreepers Theatre on ’Endangered Species’ (2011) and ’More Intimate Than’ (2012) to produce sound design for their theatre works as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.
  • 2013/14 Director Alex Talamo from Dig Collective for their performance in White night Festival Melbourne
  • 2013 Comedy music act ‘The Landlords’ for Canberra’s ‘You Are Here’ Festival
  • 2013 Forest Collective Forest Collective concert ‘Shared Lines’ concert (example below)
  • 2018 Les Alchimistes – original music for “Le Roi se Meurt” (Brussels Belgium)
  • 2019 Les Alchimistes – original film composition for theatre intro (Brussels Belgium)

Dig Collective – White Night Melbourne (Feb 23 2013)