Ableton Push Chord reference – FREE PDF!


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Ableton push is a incredible studio and live tool and can be used for all facets of production. From DJing to playing melodies all is available on the push interface.
One part that producers seem to get stuck on is harmony. Learning chords on push can be tricky, thats why it helps to have the Ableton push chord reference. The isomorphic layout is unlike any other traditional instrument and as such sometimes has a learning curve for beginners. On the other hand its simple method for playing chords allows one to play progressions easily. The chord reference will help you to learn different chord shapes in no time and get you away from simple triangular triads.

This chord reference¬† shows different chord shapes on the ableton push in both chromatic and ‘in key mode’. It helps to learn, more complex chords including sus4, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th chords, inversions and more.

(Free push chord reference can also be paired with the push chord PROGRESSION reference a list of over 50 chord progression shapes for push

For more info on how to use the Push refer to the push manual here.

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