Jazz Chords 1 & 2 – Piano, Wurli & Rhodes



Jazz chords 1 pack takes you back to smoky bars, swing and groovy keys. It contains ~100 loops of piano and rhodes electric keys for many styles tempos and keys.

Included piano loops are more suitable for jazz and hip-hop samples whereas rhodes samples fit genres such as funk, electro, house or EDM styles.  Loops contain chordal harmony elements but also rhythmic and solo melodic elements, sometimes even all together.

The piano loops feature faster more virtuoso playing as this suits the fast attack of the hammers, however the smooth Rhodes loops show smoother longer chord styles. All samples contain rich jazz harmony that utilizes extended harmony, slash chords and chord alterations (b9/#9 etc)

If you want the groove and style of piano or rhodes jazz chords, this pack has what you need in a range of range of tempos and keys.



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