Plucked Exotic Kalimba Pack 1


Plucked Exotic Kalimba Pack contains 102 samples of professionally recorded Kalimba playing. Certainly, because of a very peculiar sound, these samples will sound best in genres with an ethnic vibe – Tropical House, New Age, etc. However, a skilled producer can adapt these sounds into more conventional Hip-Hop, Trap, and Emo Rap.

Kalimba is a musical instrument developed after mbira – an African invention. So it has little metal tines for plucking and making a very characteristic sound. Most importantly, it produces an inharmonic overtone series, which gives off an exotic vibe. In other words, its sound fundamentally differs from those of traditional instruments like strings and flutes.

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File:Mbira dzavadzimu 1.jpg

What’s inside?

  • 102 samples total;
  • 24 one-shots including mute notes;
  • 78 loops of Kalimba in multiple tempos, including 4/4 and 12/8 time;
  • Microtonal C Neapolitan scale kalimba;
  • recorded at high quality 44.1khz 32 bits;
  • Samples are 100% original and Royalty-Free.