Smooth chords 1 – Guitar and bass pack (WAV & MIDI)


Smooth chords Guitar and bass pack is a new release of high quality samples recorded on the Gretch Streamliner hollowbody electric guitar and Fender P Bass. It contains various guitar chords, lead lines and bass samples suitable for styles ranging from Hip-Hop, Nu-Soul, RnB, House and more. These samples have been played by professional musicians on quality gear and recorded in a professional studio. Having these live elements can add grooves and rhythms to electronic music that is difficult to achieve on a DAW, guitar lines can sit back or forward on the beat, can contain different amounts of swing and can move in relation to the bass to create rhythmic tension, anticipation or release.
The pack includes loops for a range of tempos, keys and includes guitar chords, lead lines , rhodes chords, eBass, and synth bass instrument folders.


  • 44.1khz 32 bits WAV
  • 100+ loops
  • Samples are 100% original and Royalty-Free.

MIDI loops can be purchased in Smooth MIDI chords 1 pack.