Night Winds – Flute and sax pack


The Night Winds flute and sax sample pack by Lostbeat Audio contains various Flute and Saxophone samples fit for any Trap, Hip-Hop, Chill, and Lo-Fi beat. Also, these lines would sound great in different kinds of EDM, House, and Trance tracks.
Often, modern music producers seek ways to introduce a human element to their quantized tracks with synthesized parts. For that, natural instruments are great. Because they help make electronic music very relatable. Above all else, woodwind instruments like the flute and the saxophone make this goal easier to achieve. Because the breath of the player controls the sound they make. With the ‘Night Winds’ kit, you get a huge collection of samples masterfully played on quality vintage instruments (Conn 1945 saxophones and Altus Azumino japanese flutes) and recorded in a professional studio. These lines, trills and runs are very practical and can fit almost any musical context naturally, serving as fills and transitions.


  • 91 Flute melodic lines;
  • 36 Flute runs and trills;
  • 39 Sax Loops;
  • 74 Sax runs and trills;
  • 5 Sax harmonic lines.


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