Oriental Flutes sample pack 2


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Oriental Flutes sample pack 2 cooks your beats with spice from Asia, China and South America. Includes over 90 loops and one one shots recorded on Chinese Xiao flute, Hulusi, pan pipes and ceramic Tlapitzalli flute from South America.

All loops are recorded in high quality from professional players. This pack specifically includes two rare instruments; the Hulusi (traditional to a chinese minority group) and the Tlapitzalli (an ancient Aztec ceramic flute design). Each of the 4 included flutes has its own unique characteristic, some deep and breathy others high and piercing.

Traditional flutes are often tuned in just intonation or other systems this allows non-western tuning as well as microtonal note choices.

The pack includes loops for a range of tempos, keys and includes melodies and one shots such as trills, arpeggios etc that can be pieced together to create your own phrases and melodies.


– 20+ one shots – trills, arpeggios, effects etc.

– 84 loops of Xiao, Hulusi, pan pipes and ceramic Tlapitzalli flute

– recorded at high quality 44.1khz 32 bits

– Samples are 100% original and Royalty-Free.




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