Sidechain filter + gate = Superchaining

Superchaining (sidechain compression + filter + gate) –

I came across sidechain filtering in ableton after discovering two new musicians; Purity Ring and Breakbot.

The first time I heard Purity Ring ‘Lofticries’ [listen here] I had never heard a sound like it, the combination of organic vocal sounds paired with electronic modulations intrigued me. I experimented and think I found out how they did it. To achieve the sound they use a sidechain compressor and filter both side chained to the kick. This means the both the volume and the filter freq are lowered when the kick hits.

The below video is an explanation of how to setup superchaining.

Breakbot used a similar technique in some of his early remixes, especially aireus light. Sidechain gating means that whatever instrument is gated must follow the signal of another channel. The most simple application of this would be a long pad instrument gated to a rhythmic part so the pad follows its rhythm (eg. Pad following a hi hat pattern).

Breakbot uses this technique in more inventive ways to rhythmic hits with many instruments at the same time to great effect.

Breakbot – Aeirus Light remix

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