Future Chords 1 (WAV & MIDI)



Future chords 1 contains 88 various synth chords, plucks, arps and bass lines in different keys and progressions.

Each custom synths was created with reason studios wavetable synths like Europa modular synthesiser and semi-modular Thor synthesiser. These powerful synths have been patched  with reasons unique effects units such as the Alligator triple filter gate, Synchronous Effect Modulator and the Audiomatic Retro Transformer to create a range of sounds suitable for future bass, future house and more.
The chord progressions of these styles are often advanced and as such this pack includes complex progressions that use jazzy extension chords and break through music theory norms.

-44.1khz 32 bits

-88 loops

-chords, plucks, rhythmic, arps and bass loops

-Samples are 100% original and Royalty-Free.