Smooth Chords 2 – Brazil Nylon Guitar Sample pack


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Smooth chords 2 is a new release of high quality samples recorded from a J.Alvarez nylon string guitar. It contains various guitar chords, lead lines and one shots suitable for styles ranging from Hip-Hop, Nu-Soul, RnB, House and more. These samples have been played by professional musicians on quality gear and recorded in a professional studio. Oneshots include typical major/minor chords but also jazz extension chords such as 6, 9 and 13th chords to spice up your tunes.

The pack includes loops for a range of tempos, keys and includes guitar chords, lead lines and oneshot folders.


  • – 90 progressions leads and one shots
  • – warm bright jazzy progressions
  • – plucked and arpeggiated one shots
  • – mix and match chord and voicings- maj7 maj6 dom7 extension chords (9,11,13th) min7, min6
  • – multiple voicings for chords


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